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Song Info:  'Ride the funky vibe' by MC Buttwipe and DJ TP Roll    
Avg. Rating: 6.14
# of Ratings: 22
Posted: 2004-02-19 11:13:33
Downloads of this album temporarily offline. That should change eventually

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I didn't even listen to this, just gave it a 0...I figured it would be that bad and this way it saved me a few minutes...
[ 14 replies ] --- Dickey 2004-02-19 15:52
I don't hate this, but i'm not sure that i like it either. I like the bassline, though, and the lyrics are just witty enough to get a chuckle every hear and there. [Okay].
[ 0 replies ] --- krisis 2004-02-19 16:01
Hey this is fun. Gives me a Humpty feeling. [good]

[ 0 replies ] --- astro 2004-02-19 17:14
This is dumb.. but arranged well. I dont' like it though. I suppose it's fun but I don't really care for it. I hear how over the top it is and I can almost get into it...but I just can't. ok?
[ 0 replies ] --- Hoblit 2004-02-20 08:01
well... i'm at a loss as to what to do here... i don't really want to give it a [good] b/c that first vocal you have in here really gets under my nerves... the way he sound as well as his lyric. but i don't really want to [okay] cuz i feel that more effort and attention was given this piece than quite a few i have given such a rating.

enough about my dillema, i'll just mention that all in all the rating system, ironically, is fantastic in its simplicity.

if you get a minute into the song... it becomes a lot more interesting and you begin to realize that its something meant for a tounge in cheek if not screw around goofy humor. i mean, mc portapotty ... the guy's a portable watercloset. and he's sick of people mistreating his convenient means of waste disposal... and if he doesn't get some proper use soon, he's gonna start makin' people use the woods. and the thing about the bears and chewbacca... i'll just say that quite a few of the words made me think... "i would've never have expected this!"... well, something like that.

granted, because of my personal taste, i did not accept the "ride the funky vibe" invite... altho they did some stuff in the last couple choruses that made me chuckle.. i mean, whatever that was at 2:55... haha... crazygonuts.

well... as you can prolly tell, i get pretty long winded... and i'm gonna wait on my rating... so that i can make a better decision. some of my favorite songs have been the ones offa albums that got a lot of exposure, but not necessarily the songs themselves... i'm not saying that this will become my fav song, just that i've learned to not judge things too quickly.

later taters.
[ 0 replies ] --- jim 2004-02-20 08:59
this sounded a lot better until the poorly-beatmatched beat came in and ruined the "funky vibe"
[ 0 replies ] --- _ 2004-02-20 13:13
some cool lyrics in here, and some mediocre delivery (some better, some worse)... the first chorus didn't really grab my attention, but they got much more interesting and "funner" sounding as the song went along. by the end, i think i was really digging it.
[ 0 replies ] --- Eric Y. 2004-11-25 00:54
i hear the humpty influence, but still glenn is one bad ass rapper, G.
[ 0 replies ] --- drunkenshakespeare 2005-11-25 09:25
GC in te house again. Tasteful choice of backing track.
[ 0 replies ] --- Tuuur 2008-01-12 11:18

good okay bad x

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